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Remanilia Wine

We are Remanilia Wine

The Remanilia Wine team is passionate about the world of wine. We believe wine has endured the test of time as the most exceptional beverage ever created. Not only are we drawn to wine because of its diverse and attractive flavors, but the appeal also lies in its historical, cultural, and spiritual value.
Traveling around the world, we find amazing wines and we love to taste the different terroirs throughout different countries.
One day, we decided that we wanted to share the extraordinary wines from Provence with the world, and we created Remanilia wine.
We began to look for genuine vineyards, "off the beaten track" that create an unforgettable experience for anyone tasting their wines.
The wines we sell originate in vineyards that cater to fine restaurants, wineries, and cellars.
We want to bring the unique, delicious, and authentic hidden gems of Provence to the wine lover's door.

Remanilia team

Friendly, enthusiastic and multi-culturally oriented, we aim to cultivate and grow these values in the relationships we establish in the world of wine

We strive to make your wine exploration experience relaxing and advantageous.
We are happy to visit you on-site and have you taste our range of wine, which we guarantee to be a pleasant experience. Everyone in Remanilia is happy to roll their sleeves up and work hard to achieve this.

Of course, you are more than welcome to visit Provence with us and we will introduce you to the different vineyards we work with.

Provence Wine Remanilia Rosé


I am a happy lover of wine.

My favorite wine is a fruity and smooth Rosé, and I like to drink it all year round. Rosé is not only amazing in summer with a tasty Barbecue, but it is also outstanding when it comes to winter dishes like duck confit, vegetables, and spicy food as well.
I have worked for over 20 years in commerce. I was traveling all over Provence. Every week I would come back home with a new bottle of wine that we would enjoy tasting for our Friday night “Aperitif”.