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The Remanilia Wine team is passionate about the world of wine. We believe wine has endured the test of time as the most exceptional beverage ever created.
From The French Riviera to your cellars, our job is to provide the most appetizing wines from Provence.


Wine is the son of the sun and the earth. Paul Claudel

Located in Southeast France, La Provence is the sunniest region of France with 300 days of sun a year, spreading along the Mediterranean sea and protected by the Alps mountains. Landcapes are so diverse, between lavender fields and olive trees, cliffs and meadows, mountains and beaches, bright blue sky and cristal sea, famous cities as Saint Tropez, Nice and Marseille, and countrysides with the most beautiful villages of France.

Along its stunning and genuine sceneries, spread the Provence vineyards where are produced one of the most amazing wines of the world.